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At ABB Staffing Firm, we pride ourselves in helping businesses work more efficiently and effectively by providing you with the right talent at the right time to keep your business moving forward.


We are committed to understanding your business while providing you with outstanding candidates and a personalized customer service experience. By utilizing ABB Staffing Firm, you will benefit from our trained and experienced staffing associates who will rapidly locate and recruit qualified candidates to address your business needs because we understand the unique qualities that make a candidate ideal for your opportunities.


Immersed in the community, we are on a first-name basis with many of the talented individuals who live here and we are happy to introduce them to you. If we don’t know them personally, we are able to identify them quickly using a creative combination of mobile recruiting tools, text job alerts, web-based resources, social media, and local networking events. We stand by providing outstanding candidates and personalized customer service and guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us today!

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From last-minute fill-ins to long-term projects, contract staffing provides you with the flexibility to increase your staff, without increasing your permanent headcount. The effective use of contract staffing allows you to match your workforce to your workload, decreasing overhead costs while still allowing you access to the quality talent you need when you need it.




Contract-to-hire allows you the ultimate flexibility. Essentially you can run a trial basis for your new employee on the job before making that permanent hiring decision. A contract employee will work at your company for a predetermined amount of time. At that point, you can choose to bring the employee on board full-time or pursue other candidates.


Direct Hire 


ABB Staffing Firm has an entire team of recruiters to handle all the time-intensive and stressful tasks associated with hiring new employees. We know time is money so we do everything we can to try and make your job easier. We will source, interview, and screen out unqualified candidates; providing only the most skilled and talented candidates.


Executive Search


Our professional database includes experienced executives. We will work with you to recruit the best-suited individuals for your key positions.


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